Matrix Revolutions, Dune Messiah: common plots

In November 2003 I published the following observation in a review of the Matrix Revolutions:
The male hero, facing enormous challenges threatening his life and his community, has a female lover who is also his helper (but, without offspring). Tremendous force gathers strength to destroy all that he holds dear. Regular people believe him to be their savior, in spite of his personal doubts. A powerful conspiracy is in the making, including persons positioned very near. The traitor attacks, blinding the hero (burning his eyes out). But, the hero can still see, thanks to mystic power bestowed upon him. He manages to circumvent obstacles and accomplish survival of his project. His mate dies in the process, and he soon follows. But, his destiny is reached; his task, accomplished. Thus ends Dune Messiah, an inspiring novel, part of enormously popular series by Frank Herbert. What a coincidence! Matrix 3 uses all these plot elements, also.
In the meantime the only place I came across discussions on this topic are Wikipedia articles about fiction inspired by Dune. They even seem to be lacking from the official Dune Novels website forums.


Anonymous said...

poznato e ova, i sekako deka imapovrzanost no ako zemesh deka prikaznata za mesijata koj doaga da go spasi svetot i go dava zivoto za negov spas e neodolivo bliska so biblijata, inaku, ogromen fan sum na herbet, no sepak osnovata na matrix lezi vo bibliskite tekstovi, ( naprimer brodot nebukanizer - prganskiot kral koj go razurnal erusalim a za koj znaeme od biblijata)

איתן לבנה said...

And I thought I was the only one who noticed.

Glycerine said...

Smith even says in Matrix resolutions "the blind Messiah" in reference to neo. There's clearly some inspiration drawn from the dune books but definitely wouldn't be the first to do so.