Classic Dune and other SF Games Available for Download

Abandonware website Abandonia offers a delightful selection of classic computer games, including many finger-eaching science fiction titles. Towering among their peers both in terms of the media and the genre are two Dune-inspired games, the adventure-strategy Dune (I), and the strategy Dune II.

The first Dune game (1992) is based on the David Lynch's movie interperation, and combined elements of adventure in which the only way to advance in the game is solving problems pointed out by other characters, and strategy - moving troops and resources using a full-scale map of the planet. It features graphics that look good even on modern computers, and solid level of gameplay.

Dune II (1992) has important position in real time strategy (RTS) genre history. It features one of the first sucessful execution of many of the basic principles of the genre, including "production" of soldiers through building various structures.

Other Dune-based games exist, but failed to provide similar impact to these two.

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