Tom Weller, a Humorist (Website Review)

Website review first published in Macedonian by Vreme daily
(#677, 31.03.2006), also reprinted on Site of the Day blog.

Science Made Stupid by Tom WellerThe website of the humorist Tom Weller serves as example of achieving excellent effect using simple design and good content.

The website contains a front page and internet-versions of his two books: Minims (1982) – with aphorisms and cartoons, and a link to abridged content of Hugo winner Science Made Stupid (1985) put online by a fan.

In his books--which may be considered a parody to the Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time or Carl Sagan's Cosmos--Weller explains the "life, universe and everything" in a style similar to Douglas Adams' take on science fiction, and Larry Gonnick's take on history.

The website also contains several recepies and goofy links, which supplement the comic impression.

All content is work-safe, with the exception of the fact that in some browsers the loading leads to loud quacking, because a sound file is embedded in the code, using relatively obsolete methods. The duck or goose, mascot of the site, is appropriately included as favicon - another good practice example.

About the website

Updating: indeterminate
Speed: fast
Functionality: good
Code: HTML
Design: text-based
Navigation: standard
Search: not included
Keywords: not included in source code
Public counter: not included
RSS/Atom: none
Google PageRank: 5/10
Language: English
Address: www.tweller.com

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