Bruce Sterling @ University & Cyberspace

Bruce Sterling gave a great speech about the term and the concepts of cyberspace at the COMMUNIA 2010 Conference: University & Cyberspace that took place in Turin, Italy, 30 June 2010.

The speech is available online in video format via the conference website. Click on the link "(00h 28m 00s)" on the webpage bellow the video to set it to the right minute.

Not in the video: during the speech Bruce mentions the U.S. Air Force Cyberspace Operator Badge, which you can see on the photo bellow.

Bruce Sterling and USAF Cyberspace Operator Badge

After Sterling, David Orban from Humanity+ & Singularity University also gave an inspirational speech, which is also available online on the page above. I took this joyful photo of the two of them during the break a little later.

David Orban & Bruce Sterling

Both photos were taken on the grounds of the Politechnico in Turin. In the background you can see the bust of Giovanni Agnelli, founder of FIAT, obviously a revered figure in this Italian motor-town, like I assume Henry Ford would be in Detroit.


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